Yonda is...

... the best sightseeing experience in London...
... a way of exploring the REAL London...
... truly brilliant and fun commentary...
... really the best way to see London...

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interview with our founders, James and Joe

James and Joe have been best friends since they met at nursery aged 3!

No surprise then that they have plenty in common. They both practised as lawyers in the City but left the legal world behind them to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

But they can find stuff to disagree on too! James loves Spurs and Joe loves Arsenal! James likes his curry mild and Joe likes it extra spicy!

But for sure the one thing they agree on is that Yonda is the greatest way to discover London.

What makes Yonda so special?

James: The fantastic sense of experience. That you explore and get to know this magical city like a real Londoner.
That the car talks to you like a friend would over a drink. It's a totally cool and unique experience.

What's the best moment of the Yonda tour?

James: The sense of history and tradition, driving down the Mall to Buckingham Palace.
Joe: Whizzing through the cool, buzzing streets of Soho.

What's the difference between Yonda and any other London tour?

James: I would have to say the commentary! But then I have spent two years researching and writing it! Which may sound strange given that I am London born and bred but I want this tour to give even Londoners a chance to really get to know this magical city and the amazing stories and history that it holds.
Joe: It's also that you get to see parts of London that you just can't get to on other tours. In creating the route we made sure that it took you through the cobbled streets of Seven Dials, the heart of Soho, up close and personal to London's spectacular buildings so that you can really discover this great city.

Where next for Yonda?

James: We'd love to take Yonda to other great cities around the world.
Joe: Watch this space or drop us a line and let us know what you think!

Yonda means...


A smart car with smart technology. Smart sightseeing!


We always try to give you that little bit more than you're expecting.


We know London. We love exploring. Great fun!


We inspire, amuse and surprise!

“Now this is the type of tour you want to be doing”

“Roof down. Whizzing around the city. Sights all round us. Magic!”

Tim D

“You will get a new insight on London... the commentary is well thought out, interesting and engaging... it is very good fun”

“Brilliant stories. So much about London I didn't know - and I've lived here all my life.”

Laura H

“This was clever stuff… and that is pretty cool since I am a born and bred Londoner and thought I knew it all”

“The best thing I spent my time and money on in London”

Mark S

“Ideal for people who want a fun little jaunt around central London”

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Q-Park, Park Lane, London W1K 7AN
020 3621 5662
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