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The Yonda tour...

... takes you on an adventure into the heart of London... through exclusive Mayfair and St James's... the vibrant streets of Soho and Covent Garden... the iconic history of Trafalgar Square and Whitehall... and the splendour of Westminster and Buckingham Palace...

... driving your own uber-cool Yonda car.


We'll show you the real London with its amazing stories and our brilliant commentary.


Whizz around the city. No need for guide books or maps. The car will guide you.


Explore parts of the city that other tours can't... so you get to see the real London.


Not just any ordinary car! A clever little car that talks to you about this great city and guides you effortlessly through its satnav screen.


No hassle. No queues. The coolest way to sightsee. Your own private tour, at your own pace.


The most exciting sightseeing experience in London...
for just £60!

#Yonda in the wild

Our scrapbook of great Yonda moments!

“Roof down. Whizzing around the city. Sights all round us. Magic!”

Tim D

“The most fun I've ever had sightseeing!”

Jana P

“Brilliant stories. So much about London I didn't know - and I've lived here all my life.”

Laura H

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020 3621 5662
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