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See the city your way!

Yonda is sightseeing in a talking car - your virtual tour guide

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The Yonda tour... as seen on BBC1's The One Show...

Discover London from the driving seat of your own stylish Yonda car or add a Yonda driver and leave the driving to us. Choose 2-seat convertible or 4-seater with clear panoramic roof.

Our clever Yonda sat nav guides you along our easy-to-follow route while our smart, witty virtual tour guide entertains you.

In around 90 minutes you'll see the iconic sights, plus explore many of London's hidden gems.

A totally unique experience!

Listen to me!
Savile Row - Alexander McQueen
Listen to me!
Fortnum and Mason - Baked Beans


We'll show you the real London with its amazing stories and our brilliant commentary.


Whizz around the city. No need for guide books or maps. Our talking car is your virtual tour guide.


Explore parts of the city that other tours can't... so you get to see the real London.


Not just any ordinary car! A clever little car that talks to you about this great city and guides you effortlessly through the Yonda sat nav screen.


No hassle. No queues. The coolest way to sightsee. Your own private tour, at your own pace.


The most exciting sightseeing experience in London...
from just £60!

Listen to me!
Cecil Court - Harry Potter
Listen to me!
The Mall - Buckingham Palace

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“Now this is the type of tour you want to be doing”

“Roof down. Whizzing around the city. Sights all round us. Magic!”

Tim D

“You will get a new insight on London... the commentary is well thought out, interesting and engaging... it is very good fun”

“Brilliant stories. So much about London I didn't know - and I've lived here all my life.”

Laura H

“This was clever stuff… and that is pretty cool since I am a born and bred Londoner and thought I knew it all”

“The most fun I've ever had sightseeing!”

Jana P

“Ideal for people who want a fun little jaunt around central London”

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